Aloha Laundry Life Opportunity

  • US Laundry Care Market: $1.28B Annually*
  • Total Number of US Households: 128.5M*
  • Average Annual Laundry Per US Households: 2400lbs (300 x 8lbs)**
  • Median Charge for Wash,Dry, Fold Delivery: $1.40 per pound***
  • *
  • **
  • ***Coin Laundry Assoc 2019 Industry Survey

Own A Master License in the Exploding Business!

Aloha Laundry Life Opportunity is expanding rapidly in the U.S. with its proprietary technology, operations expertise and local marketing strength.

Why Become a Master Licensee?

We are seeking highly motivated individuals to license exclusive territories in our rapidly growing national company!

Territory Licenses Available

Licenses are available for Regions (multi-state), States, or smaller Areas defined by ZIP code.

The opportunity is simple: Pick your territory and license it, then build out the Aloha Laundry Life network in your area.  You’ll be supported by our national and local sales team, who helps sell licenses within your territory and expand the wash and fold delivery business.

The Aloha Laundry Life Master License appeals to the entrepreneur that wants to earn a strong passive income without personally making contact with laundromat owners, picking up, delivering or doing laundry.

What is the potential income?  Check out our hypothetical income Calculator.

Ready to learn more?

Request a free discovery call and one of us will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

Own an independent wash Dry fold operator license

Generous income stream on every laundry delivery.

Be an independent business owner with minimum startup costs.

Choose your own hours, schedule and customize your business.

Logistic coordination, marketing, and ongoing support.

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